Archived live updates: 2012 Super Six Finals

Archived live updates: 2012 Super Six Finals
Gymnastike was on hand in Duluth covering the 2012 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships.  Our team provided live updates through all rounds of competition.  Below you can find the archived updates from the Super Six Team Finals, complete with quick hits, scores and more!  To read in chronological order, start at the bottom.

Sarah DeMeo on Bama's recipe for a repeat: Alabama sophomore Sarah DeMeo discusses helping the Tide to a second-...
Press Conference with the winners!
The Tide Rolls Again! What an incredible Super Six! Check out interviews w/ all the major players and get ready for EF!
Arkansas Senior Jaime Pisani discusses her scary fall on FX, plans after graduation and her attitude heading into EF.
Alabama are back-to-back Champions! Check out the recap if you missed it!
Some great interviews popping up on Gymnastike from after Super Six! DeMeo! Zamarripa! Robarts! Pisani! Stageberg! Shapiro!
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Kyndal Robarts on her senior NCAA Super Six experience
Randy Stageberg on Florida's narrow loss in the Super Six
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Samantha Shapiro on Stanford peaking at NCAAs
Vanessa Zamarripa on scoring 39.775 AA for UCLA in Super Six
Everyone in this arena is floored. I can't remember a more exciting NCAA Super Six EVER!
197.85 Bama's final score!!!
Bama 197.8-something, Florida 197.775, UCLA 197.75. Can you believe it????
Bama wins again!!!!! Priess with a 9.95!!!
Preiss needs 9.9 to win it...I think she'll get it!!!
Priess...sheep jump nice!, front aerial-korbut, 9.925 Hunter...UF 197.775 past UCLA...Priess hits a flawless routine.
Kytra delivers! I think she'll do it for the Gators and get them past UCLA...Priess is all that's left.
Bama 197.675 w/ Priess left. UF 197.7 with Hunter finishing up.
Utah 197.375 with 39.375 UB...Stanford 197.5...this is a great nationals. So many good teams. Those scores would've won in past years.
GSE BB: switch-split nice, bhs layout solid, stuck front aerial, sheep jump, NO WOBBLES, absolutely none. stuck 1.5 off!
King opts for a dbl arabian instead of her dbl layout. That girls has options upon options. Stuck dbl back. 9.775 DeMeo BB.
Dickerson 9.85. Crazy high I think. Stanford 49.55 Vault!
DeMeo awesome front aerial, love her work on her toes, big wobble on bhs layout. Wow...this is gonna go to the end.
UF FX has 9.85, 9.9, 9.875 and Dickerson's OOB.
Bama's got 9.9, 9.85, 9.9 right now on beam. Stanford's Nicole Dayton 9.95 on vault.
‪@AllFlippedOut‬ UCLA 197.775!!! Florida needs a 49.4 to tie. Alabama needs a 49.425 to tie… 
Dickerson OUT OF BOUNDS dbl arabian.
Utah UB..9.8, 9.8, 9.875. Williams 9.9 BB. Johnson 9.875 FX.
Williams tiny slide on 1.5 dismount. Johnson stuck double pike on FX...both should score well.
9.85 Milliner BB. Johnson lock-legged on dbl arabian, but lands ok. 
Ivana Hong drills her Yfull..wish she kept that chest up!
UF fans equally happy with 9.9 for Stageberg! This is intense!
Stageberg stuck piked full in! Milliner check on bhs layout..front toss, Few little checks throughout, beautiful dbl twist off.
Bama fans happy with a 9.9 for Jacob!
Jacob slaughters that aerial roundoff. Hits the dismount landing!
Ferguson combination first pass, Rudi-stag-punch front I think. Kim Jacob killing it on beam so far.
UF and Bama need to average around 9.885 to beat UCLA..that's a tall order. Wonder who will come out on top?? Gonna be an exciting finish!
‪@uclagymnastics‬ Florida needs 49.4 on FX and Alabama needs 49.425 on BB to overtake UCLA. #ncaagym
If Bama matches yesterday's 49.6 BB rotation, they'll finish with a 197.975...
Now the chase is on...UF on FX and Bama BB. Utes UB, Stanford VT...can anyone beat UCLA's 197.75??
UCLA 197.75...WOW! Ark 196.3, UF 148.375, Bama 148.35, Utah 148.075, Stanford 147.95
Peszek nails it! front aerial-back pike stuck, tumbles into a full twist and nails the landing.
Gators get a big cheer as they arrive. EHH goes 9.25. Peszek gets the green flag.
Long delay for EHH's score. Peszek staying relaxed on deck.
9.9 Pechanec FX...9.85 Hanset...they're looking good. Stanford that is.
49.275 for Bama on bars. Made it through, but not saving every tenth.
Touch day for Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs..out of bounds on floor and a fall on beam. Not what the Bruins hoped for from her. 9.875 Priess.
Zamarripa 9.95...EHH touches beam after illusion turn. UCLA will have to count a 9.725. Peszek still to go.
9.9 Grable..Ark 49.45 on vault...good recovery! Priess rocking bars...tkatchev-pak and Khorkina nailed...dbl lay, piked and step. But strong
Zam BB- another good routine. Makes up for her miss yesterday! 9.875 for GSE UB.
9.9 Pisani, Grable sticks her 1/2 on front pike 1/2 off! GSE nails a bar set. Stanford has cool floor music, all around.
9.875 Sledge UB. 9.825 Borsellino VT, looks like 9.9 for Larson.
Hong 9.85 FX, Clark 9.85, Sledge does her usual, small step on dbl layout. Mattie Larson does some great beam!
Baer really came through for UCLA..9.875 BB! 9.925 for Scarlett Williams vault!
9.8 Morgan FX, 9.725 Gerber BB, 9.8 Jacob UB. Baer nice side somi...sticks her dsmt. Clark recovers on UB for Bama with a stuck 1/1 dbl lay!
Jacob misses a HS, slide on dsmt. Bama looks a little out of the zone.
Lewis stuck Yurchenko Arabian. DeMeo 9.575. Shona Morgan and Gerber each hit their routines.
DeMeo UB: Oooh..has to rekip after her jaeger. Rough for Bama.
Now we'll see ARK VT, Bama UB, UCLA BB, Stanford FX.
Floor bites Arkansas again! :(
Pisani misses the punch out of her rudi...falls on her head!!
UF 148.375, UCLA 148.35, Utah 148.075, Bama 99.075, Stanford 98.675. Pisani last up for Arkansas.
9.9 King, UF goes 49.475 BB...Borsellino dbl arabian, perfect 1.5-punch layout, nice dbl back to close.
9.9 Gerber, 49.4 for Utah on VT, 49.475 UCLA UB, 9.875 Grable FX! Good for her!
9.875 for Hunter. UF with 49.425 on BB already with King still to go. This is called peaking!
Zam 9.95. Kytra step on dbl back but no other mistakes. 9.65 Lewis FX. Gerber great routine, hop on dbl arabian.
9.95 for Tory Wilson on VT! 9.85 Delaney, 9.85 Dickerson. Hunter stuck punch front onto the beam.
Lewis out of control second pass, Robarts big step on Omelianchik. Zam picture perfect bars set!
9.925 for Peszek! Lewis makes her dbl arabian with a good landing! Dickerson hits a dbl back off beam.
Peszek strong bar work. Dickerson is attacking beam. Delaney hop on Yfull.
Tory Wilson keys in on a perfect landing on her Yfull. 9.9 Dabritz, Larson 9.825. 9.925 for Johnson BEAM!
Alaina Johnson nails her BB! Florida has no fear!
Canizaro sits down a dbl back out of bounds. Larson nice routine but step on the dismount.
9.85 for Lothrop/McAllister VT, 9.875 Spicer BB. 9.875 Courtney UB. 9.825 Zumwalde.
Spicer hits another good one for UF! Courtney gets UCLA back on track with a stuck dsmt. Dabritz VT: Yfull with a small hop.
9.9 for Stageberg. Judges aren't holding back.9.7 for De la Torre. Lothrop nice stuck Yfull.
That was a gorgeous whip immediate dbl pike from Zumwalde. Love that pass!
Stageberg no wobbles but a bound up on the dismount landing. De la Torre dynamic bars, really low on dbl lay and steps forward.
UCLA's leos are weird. There. I said it.
Now comes the beam test for 1-2-3 Bama, Florida and UCLA. Get ready for some nerve wracking!
After 3: Bama 99.075, UF 98.9, UCLA 98.875, Utah 98.675, Stanford 98.675, Ark 98.4
Kyndal Robarts with the true stick on a dbl arabian!
UF 49.425 UB and Stanford 49.325 on BB.
9.85 CoLo, McAllister now...full in out of bounds! What a shame!
Alyssa Brown said beam was Stanford's best event. She goes 9.85. Utah's looking precise on FX. Nice job by Lothrop (who is delightful).
9.95 Johnson. 9.95 Milliner. Alabama with a 49.625 on Vault!
Johnson sticks her dbl layout and the crowd goes into a frenzy. UF hits bars! 9.875 Damianova FX..Dabritz hit a good one as well.
9.9 for Stanford's Amanda Spinner...Coach Smyth couldn't say enough good things about her yesterday. Made BB EF!
Dabritz FX: beautiful form and landing on piked full in WOW! Milliner sticks her Y1.5...Macko 9.9 UB.
Macko hits a determined exercise. Gorgeous stick on the full twisting dbl back. 9.9 for Shona Morgan on beam!
King 9.85 UB. Damianova hits a nice FX. Macko looks focused...Guti with a step on her Yfull.
9.775 Hong, GSE Yfull stick! 9.875 for Hunter. Dickerson goes 9.2. Marissa King nails her UB. GSE scores 9.975!
Sledge VT: Yfull chest down, little shuffle. Not her best. 9.9 Priess. Hunter UB: close on Hindorff, missed HS on shootover, stuck dsmt!
Priess VT: Yfull with hop. Hong wobble on front aerial. Wing scored 9.85. Tutka 9.85, Williams 9.9!
Ashanee looks dejected. Interesting to see how the Gators respond.
Williams VT: Yfull Stuck! Dickerson falls on her Hindorff...uh oh.
Killer full in from Tutka. Ellis stuck UB routine per usual. 9.85. Strong sets by Wing BB and Tutka FX.
Really solid starts for all teams. Everyone's looking like champions so far. Awwwwwwwwwww.
UCLA 98.875, ARK 98.4, UF 49.425, Bama 49.45, Stanford 49.35 and Utah 49.35 after two rotations.
ARK a solid 49.225 on BB. UF 49.525, Stanford 49.35. Just need GSE's FX's gonna be big!
9.9 for Grable and Gutierrez. GSE FX: dbl arabian nailed it!, perfect double pike to close. GSE is a stud.
Grable could be looking at another 9.95...didn't see a single deduction from over here.
Guti drills the double pike..9.875 Pisani, Grable BB: love her full turn, easy bhs layout, really nice split on her leaps, so Zen-like on BB
Looks like 9.85 for both Priess and Sledge. Gorgeous stretched dbl layout from Gutierrez. 9.875 Hong, Stanford 49.35 on UB.
Hong hits a nice UB routine amidst the crowds roars for Zam's 10.0. Borsellino 9.825. UCLA 49.525 on VT.
Zamarripa with a TEN!!!!
Sledge little overrotated on dbl back. 9.9 for Pechanec. 9.85 Salmon BB. Zam VT Yfull STUCK it! Beautiful height and body position!
9.9 Peszek, 9.875 Morgan UB, Frattone VT: Omelianchik, STUCK! Pechanec another drilled dbl lay!
Courtney VT Yfull with a hop. Gonna be at least a tenth for that one. Priess finishes with nice dbl pike. 9.9 for Milliner!
9.75 Kolbas, 9.8 Shapiro, Priess good dbl back, big UB set from Morgan...stuck dbl layout!
9.775 for Williams BB. 9.85 Jacob FX. 9.825 Baer VT. Peszek Yfull nice landing!
9.75 Morgan UB. Shapiro (EF qualifier!) nice handstands and toes, jaeger, Pak, full twisting dbl little bobble. Milliner finishes strong.
Kolbas nailed bhs layout. nice wolf to back tuck. Milliner hits the dbl arabian on FX. Dbl tuck from Kolbas with a step forward.
9.9 for Brown! What a start for Stanford! Shona Morgan; Piked jaeger to shootover, two steps on dbl front. Baer Yfull, chest down.
Nice first routines from Alyssa Brown UB and Scarlett Williams BB and Jacob FX.
So we have 1. UF 49.475, 2. Utah + UCLA 49.35, 4. ARK 49.175. Now we go to UCLA VT, Stanford UB, ARK BB, Bama FX.
9.875 for Lopez..too high in my opinion. Utes at 49.35 on BB.
EHH out of bounds on dbl pike!
EHH opens with a dbl back. Back with 1.5-Punch layout 1/2-shushunova, 9.9 for Peszek.
9.9 for Robarts! Lopez BB- slight check on bhs layout, great punch front, wobble on leap pass, dbl twist with a scoot back.
9.925 for King and 9.85 for Hunter on VT! UF 49.475 on Vault. 9.85 Howdeshell. 49.175 ARK UB.
Big Dbl layout from Peszek! Pritchett 9.825 before her. Cortni Beers with a 9.875 on beam! Utes looking GOOD over there.
Pisani 9.875. Courtney 9.9 FX, Howdeshell UB: nice Tkatchev and Jaeger (little close), sticks the dbl layout tonight!
Lofgren with a 9.85 on BB. Hunter VT Yurchenko 1.5 small hop.
King drilled Tsuk 1.5...Pisani stick on bars. 9.85 Grable.
I'm not ok with Zam doing two rudis in her FX routine. Leave some for the rest of us!
Dickerson stuck her vault cold! 9.95! McAllister 9.85 on BB!
Sorry guys. The internet is going in and out. 9.825 Lothrop, 9.85 Frattone, Ark 2 9.8s, Zam 9.875.
Spicer VT: Yfull with a small hop. Lothrop and Frattone finish up well.
Lothrop BB solid on the switch leg aerial and bhs layout. Borsellino nice bars.
Frattone on FX, effortless first line with a rudi to stag jump, then back with a dbl pike.
I feel that the wifi in this building is hanging by a thread.
Bruins wearing navy blue body with a lighter bluish gray arms...some shimmery action going on. Stanford's look black with with bling.
Arkansas opted for the leo with an actual Hog on it. UF's is shiny blue with a shimmery back cut-out.
UCLA FX: Frattone, Zam, Courtney, Pritchett, Peszek, EHH.
ARK UB: Borsellino, Canizaro, Salmon, Grable, Pisani, Howdeshell. UTES BB: Lothrop, McAllister, Lofgren, Beers, Robarts, Lopez.
UF VAULT: Spicer, Wang, Dickerson, Johnson, King, Hunter.
Extremely theatrical anthem. Get that woman a Tony.
SEC vs. PAC-12, here we go. Which side are you on (we don't pick sides).
‪@AllFlippedOut‬ Is that a new UCLA leotard I spot?
Coach Rhonda Faehn opts for a nice salmon (is that a color?) sweater for tonight's competition.
Reminder of the scores that got them here: 1.Bama 197.675, 2.UF 197.65, 3.UCLA 197.4, 4.Utah 197.2, 5.Ark 197.15, 6.Stanford 197.125
Live Updates | Gymnastike:
Warmups have completed! Don't miss live updates of the Super Six Finals from Gymnastike here:
If UGA and Ohio St. had tied for 3rd and not 4th, the Buckeyes would've won the tiebreaker. They were 1 Arkansas miss away from the Super 6!
Florida has to be the favorite tonight, but Alabama overtook them in prelims. The Gators have no room for error tonight. Can they do it?
Kytra Hunter won the AA Friday (39.725). Can she repeat her dominant performance and lead UF to its first title?
Draw for EF has also been announced...find out when your favorite competes here:
Hi kids! The Super Six team final gets underway in an hour...Draw is UF VT, Stanford BYE, ARK UB, Utah BB, Bama Bye, UCLA FX.
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